Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My Activities to Alleviate Depression

     Hey Readers welcome back, Today i wanted talk about something that i sometimes struggle with and that is Alleviating my Depression or as i like to say getting myself out of that rut. Now keep in mind that i am by no means a Medical Professional, And the things i do will not always work for everyone, but these are my top 4 Go-To activities that help me battle my depression. I know that some of these will seem very generic to some of you but they truly do work for me. So let's jump right in shall we?

     So Activity # 1 for me is Listening to Music, Now this is a major one for me as Music has been a very big part of my life. I used to be in Marching band as well as Concert and Show Choir. I even found myself in a few Musicals in High school, so needless to say music is a big escape for me. It is one of them things that is very soothing but also can motivate me when i am in the gym. I know that if i am feeling really down i can take 15-20 Minutes alone lay down and just jam out. Now it is not a permanent fix but it does help me calm down to be more level headed so i can then take the appropriate steps to deal with my issues properly.

     Activity # 2 is Coloring and or Crafts. Yes this a very broad category but to very honest with you all i like to do a lot of things, i actually have a big box of crafts that i keep at the ready in my closet. Now for example a few things that are in my craft box are  Coloring books, Crossword Searches, and a few Eye Spy object finding books. I have found that by getting creative and getting lost in my creativity helps to relax, calm down, and in most cases feel more level headed to forget what is keeping me down or making me angry. Because i have noticed for me if i am calm and  distracted i can then return to what was bothering me with a new perspective and figure out how to fix the issues or seek guidance when necessary.

      Now on to Activity # 3 and that is Taking a hot shower with a lavender scented shower bomb. I have recently stumbled into the world of Bath and shower bombs, an i have to say that they have become a very big part of my self-care routine. The scents are so calming and soothing so it helps me relax when i am struggling or having a hard day. For me taking a longer than normal shower is just relaxing and i tell myself when i step out of the shower i am starting all over again with a clean slate, as well as clear level head. Now as dumb as this may sound to some this technique has worked wonders for me over the years in calming down, re-framing my state of mind and even just  helping to unwind. Some people like cold showers for helping calm down but i have found at least for me it is a Luke warm water temperature that works well,

     Now last but not least my 4th and final Activity that i tend to use the most is Going fishing or just taking a walk where i can get lost or sit out in nature. I dont know what it is but it is peaceful and just being able to be out there with the nature sounds and my thoughts is highly beneficial. Now even when i am not having trouble i still love being outdoors it is where i feel the most at home. One of my favorite spots has benches with a creek running behind it, i can just sit there close my eyes and do some deep breathing exercises to center myself. I dont know what it is but i just find it soothing like all my problems can melt away. I have never been able to figure it out but it works so i dont question it ya know, on another note the Vitamin D from sunshine does wonders for your mood too so i think that is part of it.

     Well if you made it this far thank you for taking the time to come visit my blog i really appreciate every single one of you readers. I know some of my tips may seem generic but they work for me and my hope was by sharing the things that i use might get all of you thinking of new techniques that you can use to help you. In the comments below tell me what are some of the Activities that you personally do to help combat depression and calm down during times of stress????  I look forward to seeing all your comments and maybe learning something new myself from one of you. I hope that you have a great day, stay safe and until the next post take care of yourselves.


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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Major Depressive Disorder- Guest Writter : Chanel Rose

     About two years ago, I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. At that time, I did not know anything about this disorder. So, I want to share some information about it and express how having Major Depressive Disorder affects my daily life.

      Major Depressive Disorder also known as unipolar Major Depression is characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness outside stimuli. The causes of this disorder come from genetics. I have family members who has this disorder. We as  individuals went through something traumatic in our life and this disorder  affects us in different ways. Talking with them about it makes me feel less alone. One fact I found interesting was the reason for women experiencing Major Depression more than men is due fluctuating hormones and genetic predisposition particularity around the times of puberty, childbirth, and menopause.

There are different types of depression disorders. Just to name a few…

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD

Postpartum Depression

Psychotic Depression

Melancholic Depression

Atypical Depression

Catatonic Depression

    The signs and symptoms of this disorder are negative thinking with inability to see positive solutions.



Inability to focus

Lashing out at a loved one


Withdrawing from loved ones and regular activities

Increase in sleeping

Exhaustion and lethargy

Morbid, suicidal thoughts

Weight loss or gain

     The treatment methods for this disorder are psychotherapy, antidepressant medications and other somatic therapies.

     Having Major Depressive Disorder is challenging. Its hard for me to function at work and school. Most days I want to be left alone. I do not want to leave the house to hang out with friends and family. Its hard for me to sleep during the night because my brain will not shut off and I spend most of my time sleeping during the day. My mood is always up and down. I feel like my disorder takes control over my life. It is frustrating and overwhelming, but I always find myself pushing through this obstacle and I come out stronger.


The link is provided below for more information

What is Major Depression? The Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

My Top Interview Tips

     Hey Welcome back Everyone Thanks for taking some time out of your busy days to come check out today's Post. So i took a poll over on Instagram asking if anyone would be interested in Hearing My Tips for preparing and having a great Interview. Now i am by no means an expert, in fact far from it. But i have had a job since i was 12 years old and even had a hand in running a few small companies so i do know a thing or two about interviews. These are just a few things that have helped me over the years as well as tips that i have gotten from family and employers. Some of these may seem like common sense but you may be surprised how many people dont know them or haven't been taught about them. So without Further Hindrance lets jump right into them shall we?

     Tip #1 is Always Carry more than one copy of your Resume with you, and make your cover letter pertain to the specific job and or company that you are applying too. Another major thing that goes along with this is to always be sure to keep your resume up to date and current because i know it is easy for us to forget to change our addresses as well as phone numbers on them because it is not something we use everyday. Now the reason i suggest making your cover letter pertain to that specific job or company is simply for the fact that it shows them that you are truly interested in that position with their company and more times than not they will go with candidates that are showing the most vested interest in the company with a willingness to learn and grow along the way. Also another very important thing that goes a long with this, NEVER fold your Resume or Cover Letter ! I can not stress this enough, it does not look good to the employer.

     Tip # 2 Always show up Early. Now i have lived by the saying that if you are on time you are late, i was told this by my Grandfather many many years ago and it has been something that i have lived by even in my everyday life. Now i am not saying that you have to show up like an hour early but my rule of thumb is at least 15 Minutes ahead of the scheduled time. This also shows the employer that you are punctual and you are person who takes things seriously. Now i know most of you are probably saying Matt this is common sense. But like i said you would be surprised how many people have showed up on time only a few minutes early to interviews that i have sat in on. You are looking to make the best impression possible to prove you are the person for the job.

     Tip # 3 is Always come prepared as if you already have the job, now what i mean by that is bring a folder with copies of everything that an employer would normal ask for like, Drivers license, Social Security Card and High School or college diplomas. Now not every Employer will need these on the spot they may say just bring them your first day, but we again circle back to preparedness and making the best impression possible. One thing that i also do is bring a pen and a pad of paper to write down any job specifics or just in case i think of some questions for the interviewer while You are talking that way at the end i can ask them and not interrupt them while they are speaking. Also always remember that the little things matter, get as much information as you can.

     Tip # 4 is very important and that is Do Your Research! Now what i mean by that is that do not go into a job interview blind, you always want to know who you are really working for, in an interview you always want to ask lots of questions about the company as well as open positions. Because you want to stand out from other candidates so dont ask all the same generic questions like how long have you been open? How Much does it pay? Etc. Now dont get me wrong those are also important but if you do your research you can ask deeper questions thus leading the employer to believe you are way more interested in all things about this company and are more likely to get the job.

     So i hope that you all found these tips helpful in some way, i did not want to ramble on so i just decided to stop at Four of them. Now keep in mind i am by no means an expert but these are just things that have worked for me and i have learned over my many years of employment. In the comments below let me know what are some of the important interview tips you have? Do you do anythings special to prepare for your interviews? I would love to hear from all of you and learn what works for you, but until the next blog post, be Kind to others and take care of yourselves.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Get To Know Me Q & A

      Hey Guys Welcome back to the blog, thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to give this new post a read. So as you can probably guess from the title, Today i am in fact doing a Q & A Post. Now i have done a few of them over on my YouTube Channel but never over here on the blog. So i decided why not go ahead and give it a try right? I Took to Instagram as well as Twitter and asked all of my amazing Followers what they wanted to know. These were the questions that i was sent and i am going to answer them in no specific order, so without further hindrance let jump into it.
     The First Question is "What got you into Mental Health Blogging?" Well to be very honest the answer is actually very simple, It all started as a way to just kind of Journal out what i was feeling and or dealing with, because for those who dont know i myself personally suffer from Mental Health issues. I am Diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), PTSD, ADHD, MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and GAD or better known as ( Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Now it was not until i really started discovering just how big of a Mental Health Community that there was on Social Media that i knew that there may be people that could benefit from knowledge that i have or even from the things that i have been through. So that is how it blossomed into what it is today, i really just try to be there for other people like me who are struggling and maybe just need to know that there is someone else out there who cares and they aren't completely alone in their fight with Mental Illness.

     Question 2 was "What inspires you to blog & Post Videos?" As cheesy as this is going to sound it is the honest to goodness truth, it is my followers and readers. I say this because i have gotten so much good feedback from many great people on my YouTube Channel, my Blog and even on some of my Social Media Posts, People saying how they needed to hear something that i was talking about, or How what topic i was talking about really inspired them to push forward and try new things, That to me is the best part of my day when i get those kind of messages. Because As a creator, well at least for me i never really think that what i write or record could help anybody, ya know i am just a small sliver of people working to raise awareness and share their stories with the world, Half of the time just putting out content that i know would help myself. Heck Believe it or not just creating the content helps me cope and is an amazing outlet for me. So in short that is what inspires me to create the content that i do.

     Question 3 was "How long have you been Blogging for?" Well i believe i actually started putting out regular content for people to read in about October of 2019. I usually try to release a new post Once a week at the least, sometimes if i have a lot of ideas i will do Twice a week. But that rarely happens i really just try to stick to my Once a week schedule. However i did take several Months off from writing because of the fact that i was just struggling to much to even get most things done everyday so there was no way i was going to post on my blog or let alone film for my YouTube Channel.  But i have since started per-writing lots of posts and planning things out well in advance so if that is too happen again because it will at some point it happens to the best of us, that i will still have content being released at it normally scheduled time.

     Question 4 Was "Has Blogging and making YouTube Videos allowed You to meet new amazing people?" Well the answer to this question is obviously Heck yes it has. i cant even count how many great people that i have met because of my work, In fact it actually baffles me just how far my words reach. I mean i have made new friends in the UK, Canada, Germany, and of course a few in other states around me. But i have to say the best ones are from other countries because i love learning new things, meeting new people, and all around just getting to hear about how things are similar or different. I will admit that i do struggle with keeping all of the Time differences in order haha, So it is for sure a fun journey. But for those that know me i am kind of shy at first but i am a social butterfly. So never be afraid to send me a message or leave a comment.

     Question 5 Was "Do you have anything fun and or exciting coming up on your Blog or YouTube Channel?" The Simple Answer is unfortunately no. Now dont get me wrong i would love to say oh my gosh yes i have this and this planned but truth be told unless i am super inspired i kind of just fly by the seat of my pants so to speak. I keep a list of things that i would like to do but never really set a certain date for them, in the case that i get inspired to make a certain Video or Write a certain Post then i am not shuffling around trying to figure out how to rework things. I try to keep things as fun and stress free as possible so that i want to continue writing and making videos as to not get burnt out on something that i truly love doing, but if there is every something that i am super excited about i usually announce it on Twitter or Instagram so be sure to follow me there.

    The Final Question that i got was "Did you attend college, if so what was your degree in?" So Yes i did attend College I Went to  University, i graduated back in 2013 with a Bachelors Degree In Criminal Justice With a Minor In Psychology. I also have my Private Security Certificate Which allows me to work in the Private Security Field. I Choose this major because growing up i always wanted to be a cop or some sort of Law Enforcement because i love helping other people and i felt that i would be really good at it. Now that was not the path i ended up taking because after a few Internships as well as ride a long's i soon found that i had a bigger interest in Private Security, So for several years that is what i did.

     So those were the only question that i was asked, not as many as i had hoped for but hey you work with what you got in life right??  I really appreciate everyone who took the time to ask me things and really take an interest in this post. it was an idea that i have had for a long time but was just not sure how to go about it. It was a very fun one for me to write, but i want to learn more about you readers as well so in the comments below if you want let me know did you go to University? If so what did you Major in?? Thanks again for taking the time to read my Crusty Blog posts and as always be kind and stay safe. Take care everyone.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Social Media Harmful or Helpful?

    Hey Guys and Gals welcome back to my blog, thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to give this a read. As you can probably tell by the title of the blog, today i wanted to talk about a very highly debated topic when it comes to our Mental Health as well as well being and the age old question is Social Media Harmful or Helpful when it comes to our Mental Health. Now keep in mind everything you are about to read is my own personal opinion and i am by no means an expert on anything. So with that being said lets jump right in to the age old debate shall we. I'm going to share 3 reasons why i think it can be harmful and 3 reasons for how i believe that it can be helpful.

       So let's Start with The Reasons why i think it is helpful, #1 Social Media can be very helpful in the fact that there is a great Mental Health Community that supports each other, We Let each other vent, We can Remind others to take their medication, and all around just make new friends that understand what we are going through and can often times make it easier to talk to someone about what is going on if they suffer as well because they know what Mental Illness is capable of as well as can suggest things that help them cope and i mean who doesn't love new things to try. The more weapons we have in our arsenal to fight Mental Illness the better Right??

    Reason  # 2- Social Media can give us an outlet to express ourselves Creatively, Now whether that be Through a writing a Blog, Creating Videos, Or Just sharing our Art Projects like painting, coloring and homemade jewelry. It allows us feedback on our work, and in some great cases sell some of our projects that we want to let go of. For me it is Writing posts for this blog as well as creating my YouTube Videos for my Channel that i started.  I love interacting with other creators, artists, writers and people who give feedback an in some cases see my work and it inspires them to share their stories with me. which i think is amazing. 

      The 3rd & Final Reason I Think it can be Helpful is that it can allow us to discover new sources of Valuable information as well as resources. For example before i had started really getting into the Mental Health Community on Instagram and Twitter i had never heard of the Crisis Text Line , they provide free 24/7 Mental Health Support Via Text Message. Which is great because when it comes to phone calls i know a lot of people myself included can get really anxious and nervous. Which in turn makes it a bit harder for us to truly talk about whats bothering us. Now there are so many other ones that i have discovered as well as that have been recommended to me along the way and without Social Media i probably would not have discovered these great and very helpful resources. Which i have no been able to utilize as well as share with others who are in need.

    Now lets move on the the 3 ways that Social Media Can be Harmful. Reason #1  is The Fear Of Missing Out or as Most people call it FOMO. The reason i bring this one up is because i know it has really had an impact on my self-esteem as well as my Mental Health. When you see your friends and family having a great time smiling an being happy doing fun things without you it can make you feel lonely and inadequate, also it can make you second guess yourself as to why you may not have been invited for example, am i not good enough? Do they not really care about me? Am i that annoying or Ugly?? these are all things that can really hurt a person if they continually live in the what ifs and negative head space. Now i am by no means saying that Social Media has this effect on everyone but for me i know with my Illnesses it can a lot. Sometimes we are not even aware of how much it really does. Not everything is about us and we do not need to be included in everything that others do. It is okay to have time alone and take time for yourself when needed.

    Reason #2 Which is a big one these days is Cyber Bullying. It is a very big and rampant problem, it is happening everywhere we look we see some form of  Cyber Bullying and it is sad that it happens to so many people on a daily basis, people of all ages as well as genders. I dont know whether people think that it is acceptable or funny but it is just as harmful if not more than bullying someone to their faces. I know that there have been several cases in the local news where i live about it happening to kids in schools, continually happening until the bullied individual committed suicide. That should NEVER happen. Another big thing which i has experienced personally is people bullying as well as making super rude comments about my Weight, which i know does happen to a lot of people. I know i was bullied all through every level of school including College, So i have developed a little thicker skin than most, but i should not have had to. I Shouldn't have to put up with being bullied. If you see someone being bullied stand up for that person, let them know that they do not have to face this world alone.
    Finally Reason #3 Is that it can create the feeling of Inadequacy or Not being good enough. Now we all know that lots of pictures on Social Media can be doctored, Filters can be added or even appearance altered.  This can be a very dangerous thing for many people especially those that suffer with body image issues or even in some cases eating disorders. On Social Media we can create alter egos, and make things appear to be better or worse than they are without most people being none the wiser. Just because someone looks a certain way on Social Media that does not mean that they are revealing their true selves, we are only seeing what they want us to, the best thing that i always tell others as well as often remind myself of a lot is that "You Cant Compare Your Bloopers To Someone Else's Highlight Reel." Now what i mean by that is everyone has different circumstances in which they live, we all have different issues going on and depending on where we live that might add factors as well. Always do you, make your own path, create your own destiny and set your own goals. Also Remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! No Matter what anyone else tells you.

    Well Guys those are just a few of the Pros and Cons of Whether Social Media is Helpful or Harmful. I know that their are so many others reasons, but i did not want to make this super long. I know that everyone struggles with different things so we may all get different Benefits, and or Harmful elements from Social Media So i just shared ones that i have personal experience with as well as felt most comfortable talking about. I would love to hear from all of you in the comments section i want to know your opinions on this matter. So let me pose this question to all of you wonderful readers What aspects do you personally think are Harmful or Helpful of Social Media???? I cant wait to see what all of you think. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and i hope that you all are doing well.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

How I overcome Writers Block

    So today I wanted to touch on a subject that plaques all writers at one point or another and that is writers block. I know that i struggle with it more than i care to admit, whether it be writing, a book, blog or even a play it sucks to get it. No one wants to have progress hindered by a blank mind. So i am going to share with all of you the 3 things that help me most when i have writers block or can't think of good ideas. My hope is that these will get all of you thinking of new ways to help you when you get a case of the dreaded writers block.

    Tip #1 is keeping a backup list of idea. i have a journal as well a an app on my phone that i keep stocked with Ideas and or topics for My blog as well as for my YouTube Videos, so that in the event that i am having a really hard time coming up with something to write about i can refer to one of those lists and just pull a topic from it. Now to be honest i just recently started doing this a few months ago & to be frank with you it is the best choice i have ever made because not only do i experience writers block often but i also get in a funk where i have just a total and complete lack of motivation to brainstorm new topics. It was suggested to me by a fellow blogger on Twitter, The trick is though that you only wanna pull from these lists as a last resort as to not deplete your stash of great ideas. One way that i prevent from going through my lists all at once is when i sit down to compose a post i try to create a few at a time so that way i have several posts already in reserve and ready to be released. This helps me not feel so down and distressed about not being able to have content every week.

     Tip # 2 is Research. Now i know that most of you are thinking what do you mean research. Well when i am having the worst case of writers block and have no ideas left on my lists i will take to Google. I will simply search for blog topics or even Journal prompts that relate to what my blog is about. For example my blog mainly revolves around Mental Health & Everyday Life topics. The reason that i have it in two categories is so that readers do not get burnt out on just one specific set of content. Also it gives me a wider range of topics as well as sub-topics to pull from. For several of the ideas that i have written posts on they have simply been very great Journal Prompts that i found and simply twisted to create a blog out of for example My life goals or even my Mental Health Goals for the Future. Never be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to creating posts and where you draw your inspirations from.

    Finally Tip # 3 is going to seem very lame but is a much needed thing and that is taking a step back from your blog and give yourself a tiny break, I say this because no matter how great of a writer that we think we are no one can go forever without getting burnt out. I will admit that this has happened to me several times, i taken breaks ranging from a week to several months, and there is no shame in it. Your most loyal readers will completely understand & Sometimes this is the best thing to take a break recharge your creative juices. i took a long break and now i have been releasing 4 posts a month for several months. Now it is not easy by any means but if you are truly passionate about what you do as well as what you write about you will be back in no time with great ideas and in some cases a greater audience of readers. Keep in mind i am no expert nor am i a great writer i simply write about what i am most passionate about and helping others in any way that i can, even if it is just one person.

     So i hope that these tips have made sense and help you think of new ways to come up with ideas to fight the dreaded monster we writers call writers block. Drop me a comment below and let me know what things you do to help generate ideas and stop from getting writer block or even cure your writers block. I would love to hear from all of you. Once again thank you to everyone who has supported my blog and given me inspiration to keep writing, I hope that everyone is doing well in these odd times. So till the next Time take care of yourselves and ill see you on the flip side. :)


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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My Mental Health Goals

     The other day I was reading a Mental Health Blog Article and it was talking about the importance of setting goals as well as boundaries specifically for your mental health. That idea stuck with me and I figured I would share with you all some of my personal mental health goals as well as why I set them, so here it goes.
    My First Goal is Taking all of my medications for both my physical and mental health at the right times. Since I am highly forgetful I get all of my meds in a 90 day supply and I set up 7 days at a time in a pill organizer right by my kitchen sink since that is the first place I go when I wake up in the morning to drink my morning glass of water.
      The Second goal that i have been working on for many years but is pretty much ongoing is utilizing therapy to help work through some of the intense trauma from my childhood as well as some issues currently taking place in my life. Now to some it might seem very intense but i go to therapy 3 times a week for 2 hour sessions. Over the years i have found that it takes multiple sessions each week to really start to dive deep and make the true progress that i would like so it has been 3 sessions a week for the past 2 years. Now someday i would love to be able to get that down to 1 session a week but i am just taking everything one day at a time for now because realistically that is the best thing for me to do.
      Goal # 3 is that i am actively working on getting Healthier by losing some weight as well as starting to watch what i eat. Now most of you may be saying well Matt what does that have to with Mental Health and the answer for me is Everything ill tell you why, All my life i have struggled with weight and that has lead to me being picked on, bullied, and even attempting to commit suicide at age 9. Also i feel so much better mentally and am able to handle my depression & anxiety better when my body does not hurt an i feel good physically. So for me Mental Health as well as Physical go hand in hand in life these days. For me i believe this will always be an ongoing goal but i believe that one day i will get to where i want to be weight wise, i mean i have already lost 89 Pounds so i might as well keep going right?? i Struggle with my body image so for me its also that i want to just be comfortable in my own skin like i even hate having pictures taken of myself but i am working on it.
      So those are the top 3 goals that i am currently working on for my mental health now some of them will change, or some things i will be added to each goal as i go along i usually evaluate each goal every 3 months to see how i have been doing to see if any modifications need to be made. i have more goals but i didn't want to ramble on so i just shared 3 of them. i hope that you all enjoyed this post as well as getting to know a bit more about me. What are some of your goals? Drop me a comment below i would love to hear all of your goals. Until the next post stay safe and push forward.


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My Activities to Alleviate Depression

     Hey Readers welcome back, Today i wanted talk about something that i sometimes struggle with and that is Alleviating my Depression or a...